Guilt Party

I don’t want to play anymore. So we’re breaking up.

Last show is June 30th at The East Side Social Center which is cool. Its also the release of our 7″ and only post demo release “Topical Depression”. If you liked us come out and watch us play these songs for the last time. If you didn’t like us, Fuck you.






We’re playing with Creem (katorgaworks) on Monday June 4th at Rudyards Pub on Waugh. We probably go on around 9:30 or 10 p.m. so you can be casually late and still catch ours and Creem’s set. You most definitely do NOT want to miss Creem though. fuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Maximum Rock N’ Roll review!!


They mailed us the review they did of our demo Basement Church we put out earlier this year. Read it and if you have anything to add, whatever.

We’re releasing a 7″ in June, and its called Topical Depression.

We recorded our next release last weekend at The Boathouse with “Mild Bill” Hesser and we couldn’t be more stoked. We’re releasing one song per week until the record comes out, and i don’t know why. Fuck it.

Treaty Oak Collective will be pressing it for us, we love Treaty Oak, and you should too. They like hugs, smell like honey suckles, and would never fuck your ex girlfriend. 

Here’s a link to the first song we released yesterday, enjoy!

WHT on BLK GP shirts

– This is it, $5 SM-XXL (limited to 10 shirts) –

Thank you Japan | New Shirts

Found our tape on a Japanese distro’s webstore (i guess?), and google translated what they wrote about the tape. I can only make out the last sentence, with which I have to agree…

Original info from the webstore:

“…なんと150本のみの Demo Tape リリース 4曲入り!!(’11) 巨漢 Vocal, Jaron の Vocal + 前のめりに突っ走る Punk サウンドが格好良いです。”

after Google Translate:

 “…Songs 4 Demo Tape release of this only 150!! Punk sound Run for the giant leaned forward Vocal + Vocal (’11), of what Jaron is good looking.”

Thank you Japan, I’m sure Jah Ron is pleased with your judgement.


*Screened a new shirt design this past weekend….

They’ll be white ink on black shirts, limited to 7 or 8 shirts all together.

$ 5  3 Med., 4 Lg., and if you’re a big boi like Jah Ron we have XL and XXL. E mail us or message us about the X and XXL shirts we only have a couple.


Sickoids | Landfill | Gall | Guilt Party


04 | 05 | 12

WICCANS | BRAIN ATTACK weekend fuck ya

Unfortunately, we have no visual aides to convey the ferocity displayed by all the groups that played these two shows this past weekend. So I’ll do my best to textually paint a picture of the righteous jams and performances that were seen and heard…

 This was an insanely fun weekend and wouldn’t have been half as rad if not for, WICCANS (Denton hardcore wizards) and BRAIN ATTACK (Austin riot inciting hardcore punk). WICCANS made kids stage dive, and BRAIN ATTACK crowd surfed/ made people crowd surf. Us and White Crime (Houston best friends) supported on Friday night at Notsuoh.  Jaron crowd surfed, and I’m sure I speak for everyone in the band(s) and show goers when I say “holy shit Jaron crowd surfed”. I’m stoked White Crime got to share the show with us, they’re busy dudes and we’re lucky they were able to play.

Saturday night at Spiderhouse was just as, if not more satisfying than the previous night in Houston. We got to see Roky Moon who was backing the bar at Spiderhouse, and the bands got free beer because ATX knows how to treat bands.  BRAIN ATTACK opened (being that it was a home show for em), and left most speechless/bruised. Killed it for the home crowd. Chest Pain (Austin powerviolence) was heavier than heaven, and natrually WICCANS made everyone lose their minds, high fives and stage dives and what have you. And Roky gave me a vodka shot in the middle of about 15 Lone Stars, so I threw up a lot afterwards.

An ill weekend was surely had by all.


 for info on WICCANS and their recorded material go here…

for info on White Crime and their recorded material go here…

come to THE NEW WALTERS ON APRIL 24TH AND CHECK OUT                    CHEST PAIN | LOMA PRIETA | BLACK COFFEE | TBA//NEW WALTERS is at Naylor and Vine right down the street from Diversworks artspace. Look into it, and listen to CHEST PAIN here…

And you already know where to go for our shit, this site and these sites…also, so Big Jah will stfu…

WE ARE PLAYING THIS THURSDAY AT 1120 NAYLOR WITH SICKOIDS | GALL | AND LANDFILL. The line-up and promoter are makin’ it out to be a helluva night. SO DON’T MISS IT!!


Shows and shit.

First off, I just want list our upcoming and recently added shows.

3/30/12 HTX @ Notsuoh


3/31/12 ATX @ 29th st. Ballroom


4/5/12 HTX @ New Walters


6/16/12 HTX @TBA w/ Humungus (ex-Verbal Abuse)

I’ll probably add some more soon that we are working on. 

We just recorded for our new 7″ entitled “Topical Depression”.  We recorded a bunch of shit, but we’re choosing only the finest.  Thank you William and Captain Jake at the Boathouse.  Hopefuly we can get a track up on the bandcamp in the near future.  Maybe.

Last but not least, Katorga Works, one of the most killer labels out there right now, has decided to carry our “Basement Church” tapes!  Thing is, before we could post this news, they sold out!  Good for us!  For now you can pick them up from Grave Mistake Records and Vinyl Junkie.  Hopefuly Katorga Works will order some more so you can get it from them again as well!   If all else fails, get one at our shows!